The Divine Blueprint

Your life is like a building, and God’s plan for you its blueprint. Early in life God lays the foundation through your experiences, personality, and all of life’s little formations. Each and every day is a brick added.

What will you be: A cottage? A mansion? A Palace? Each has their dignity and purpose. Will you be a refuge for many? An emblem of Beauty? Or maybe a house of work. Each house has its style, is built in its own unique way, and yet there are patterns common among types of houses. Are you a priestly house, built to love the world? Or rather are you a marriage house, built to completely love your spouse and children? Are you a house meant to bless the world with humble, manual labor, doing the work that no one wants to do, but everyone needs? Or are you a house that is meant to preach, to teach, to write, or heal? All of these houses have their own ways of being built, their own foundation, and yet, despite all the similarities in these vocations, each is still very much unique.

I suppose what this really all comes down to is discernment. What are some things you look for? Above you listen for the voice of God whispering in your ear and in your heart what he wants you to do. But also we must look at our life experiences and within us to who we are. What foundation has God laid for us, what patterns of love, prayer, etc. do we have in our lives that might point us towards a specific vocation. Many times God does not reveal things to us until we are ready to handle them, so the pattern isn’t always clear, or the goal of the pattern, but if we think and pray about who we are and what God has revealed to us thus far, I believe that we can catch a glimpse of our future and the amazingness God has in store for us.

There’s my 2-cent analogy for the day.


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